Within the quickly advancing scene of software development, Quality Affirmation (QA) plays an urgent part in guaranteeing the conveyance of solid and high-quality computer program items. One of the key parts of QA is that of a QA automation engineer. This article will dig into the world of QA automation, shedding light on the obligations of a QA automation engineer and the salary.

Roles and Responsibilities of a QA Automation Engineer

A QA automation engineer is responsible for making, executing, and keeping up mechanized test scripts to validate software functionality. This part bridges the hole between and QA by utilizing a combination of programming aptitudes and testing skills. The key duties of a QA automation include:

Test Script Advancement:

Making robotized test scripts utilizing programming dialects and testing systems to approve different viewpoints of computer program usefulness.

Test Execution and Detailing:

Running automated test scripts, analyzing results, and creating complete reports for the development group. Deformity distinguishing proof and announcing are basic viewpoints of this part.

Test System Plan:

Planning and creating the engineering of the robotized testing system to guarantee the versatility, viability, and reusability of test scripts.


Collaborating with engineers, QA analysts, and other partners to get computer program necessities, recognize test cases, and troubleshoot issues.

Nonstop Integration (CI) and Nonstop Sending (CD):

Coordination of mechanized tests into the CI/CD pipeline to guarantee that each code alter has altogether tried sometime recently.

Test Upkeep:

Frequently upgrading and improving mechanized test scripts to oblige changes within the software’s usefulness, highlights, or engineering.

Quality Backing:

Pushing for quality best practices, impacting the development process, and making a difference to preserve a culture of quality inside the organization.

Salary Trends for QA Automation Engineers

The request for QA Automation Engineers has developed essentially in a long time, driven by the have to streamline the development process, progress program quality, and quicken discharge cycles. As a result, QA Automation Engineers are regularly well-compensated for their specialized expertise set.

Be that as it may, it’s vital to note that compensations can change based on components such as area, long time of encounter, industry, and the particular innovations or programming dialects a QA Automation Build is capable of. Here’s an overview of the compensation patterns:

Entry-Level QA Automation Engineers:

Experts entering the field can anticipate a normal yearly compensation extending from $60,000 to $80,000. Entry-level engineers more often than not have foundational information of devices and testing concepts.


With 3 to 5 years of experience, mid-level QA automation Engineers can gain a normal yearly compensation of $80,000 to $100,000. At this organization, engineers are proficient at planning vigorous mechanization systems and taking care of complex test scenarios.

Senior QA Automation Engineer:

Those with over 5 a long time of experience and a demonstrated track record of delivering automated testing arrangements may command compensations extending from $100,000 to $130,000 or more. Senior QA Mechanization Engineers frequently take on authority parts, directing groups and making vital choices.

Lead/Managerial Parts:

QA Automation Engineers who move into authority or administrative parts can win higher pay rates, depending on the measure of the group and the scope of duties.


QA Automation Engineers are at the cutting edge of guaranteeing program quality in today’s fast-paced improvement environment. Their capacity to combine programming abilities with testing ability makes them priceless resources to organizations. With competitive salaries that reflect their specialized expertise set and duties, QA Automation Engineers are well-poised to proceed to form end of the computer program advancement. Whether you’re considering a career in QA automation or looking to contract talented experts, having ideas about the roles, responsibilities, and salary trends is vital.